Content Management System (CMS) ROI – Not Just About Cutting Costs Anymore

I’ve been working with website content management systems for 9 years or so – since the last time our economy took a bit of a nose-dive. Around that time there was a flood of discussion about the ROI of implementing a Content Management System (CMS), mostly written by vendors trying to sell very expensive software in a down market. We’re in a similar economic situation now, but over the past 9 years two big things have changed:

  1. The cost of CMS software has decreased exponentially since 2000
  2. Site visitor expectations have increased exponentially since 2000

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Drupal website development: BALLE

Drupal website: BALLEWe talk a lot about WordPress, but it’s not the only open source content management system we work with. Just last month we rolled out a Drupal powered site for the San Francisco based Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE).

After electing to go open source, BALLE was drawn to Drupal’s ability to blend public and member only features into a unified website. With a healthy repository of plug-ins, Drupal offered a lot of value out of the box, while still allowing substantial control to the development team.

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“Museums in the Park” featured on WordPress Showcase

Museums in the Park, a website we developed in collaboration with our brilliant creative partners at the watsons, has been featured on the WordPress Showcase. Museums in the Park markets ten popular metropolitan museums in Chicago, and features a password protected member area where staff and board members access important documents and updates.

Museums in the Park - WordPress Showcase

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