Smashing Mag Redux: Advanced Power Tips for WordPress Template Developers

C. Murray Consulting’s second post on Smashing Magazine, Advanced Power Tips for WordPress Template Developers, was published on the morning of November 25, 2009.

Advanced Power Tips for WordPress Template Developers

The original article covered 4 over-arching topics, and was so lengthy that the editors decided to split it into two parts! Part two – which focuses on customizing the administrative experience – will be published in two weeks.

Advanced Power Tips, part one, covers techniques for multi-block page / post content and digs deeper into methods for associating page content with post categories.

The article is a “sequel” to our first contribution, Power Tips for WordPress Template Developers. Power Tips made it to the front page of Delicious on the day of publication, and since its publication has been bookmarked nearly 1000 times (976, to be precise, as of this post)! It also received over 150 Diggs in one day.

Smashing Magazine is one of the web’s top web design and development publications, with over 5 million visitors per month, and 88,000+ . We’re thrilled to be an ongoing contributor.

We’re already tabulating ideas for our next contribution. Are there WordPress power tips or tutorials you would like to see? Any general web development topics you want to see covered? We’d love to hear your ideas!