Simple Term Meta adds support for taxonomy term meta data (custom fields) to WordPress that behaves just like the built in post / user / comment meta!

Download version 0.9.1 from the official repository »


Out of the box. WordPress offers the ability to add meta data to posts (of any type), users, and comments. But it’s missing meta data support for taxonomy terms (a tag, a category, etc)!

This plug-in adds full, efficient support for term meta data based on the post meta framework built into WordPress. It adds a “postmeta” table and post meta functions that mirror the post meta table and functions in structure. Anyone who has worked with WordPress post meta should be able to pick it up right away:

New functions this plug-in adds:

  • add_term_meta
  • delete_term_meta
  • get_term_meta
  • update_term_meta
  • get_term_custom
  • get_term_custom_keys
  • get_term_custom_values

The functions work just like their post meta counter parts (add_post_meta, et al) – just substitute the post_id with the term_id. Should work with any taxonomy! Take a look inside ’simple-term-meta.php’ for more complete function documentation and details.

Check out edit_category_custom_fields, (taxonomy-name)_edit_form and other, similar action hooks built into WordPress to start adding your own custom fields to terms using this plug-in!

Because it’s difficult to test this plug-in with all types of custom taxonomies, I’m considering this a “beta” – in the Google sense – or pre-1.0 release.

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome!

2 Responses to “Simple Term Meta (WordPress Plug-in)”

  1. Reg says:

    This looks like jsut what I was looking for, but there is no admin page interface to go along with it. I tried to look for edit_category_custom_fields, (taxonomy-name)_edit_form and other, similar action hooks but to no avail.

    any pointers on where to look to add a custom field interface to my category admin pages?? got one you are using you might sell?? These functions rock but was sad to not see an admin page ;( seems it might be exactly like the custom fields forms for posts, but i’m very new to wordpress and right now it’s just giving me a headache.

    If anyone can add that functionality send me a message?? or if you are super kind, just point me in the right direction and maybe i can figure it out.

  2. Jake Goldman says:

    Reg – this plugin adds term meta capabilities to WordPress, not a UI for managing meta fields. You can find the right actions by looking inside of the right admin files (I can be more specific when I get to my desk).