“Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship” blog featured on WordPress Showcase

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship’s blog has been featured on the WordPress Showcase. The blog, featuring three distinct “columns” (in the content, not design sense of the word), engages is its readers with ideas and opinions on corporate citizenship.

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Design Comparison

We think this implementation’s most interesting features are under the hood. The blog needed to be integrated with BCCCC’s primary content management system – CitySoft CE. We developed a WordPress template that automatically pulls and caches the top navigation (drop downs and all) from its CitySoft counterpart.

On the CitySoft side, we developed a home page template that pulls the recent items (the Director’s Blog, and general news) from WordPress. The CitySoft template loads a cached version of the entire home page that refreshes ever hour, resulting in a “zippy” home page despite the number of complex elements, not to mention the site’s traffic. Most visitors never know they are switching between two completely different systems!

The development of the blog has been part of our larger efforts supporting the program’s overall web initiative.

As the integrators of their overall web precense, we also helped BCCCC integrate CitySoft Community Enterprise as their primary content management system. We’ve added new modules such as course registration where the system was lacking, and improved core features like member registration and login to better suit their desired workflow.

We might be most proud of the design revitalization we helped BCCCC realize this past year. Using Boston College’s primary site as a general style guide, and BCCCC produced wireframes as a guidepost for the new layout, we designed and implemented the home page and overall template you see today.