We helped FIRST turn a Ning social network into a successful experiment in employee relationship building.

Mission: We are an innovative, caring organization building relationships and opportunities for the future.  We are responsive to the unique and changing needs of our members while building strength and spirit in the communities that we serve.

FIRST Credit Union NingGoal: Build successful relationships among staff.

Services: Strategy, Social Networks, Design, Application Extensions

Project Summary

Using Ning as a platform and “Chirp!” as it’s name, we worked with FIRST’s marketing department to do for their staff what they promise to their members: build successful relationships. In a world where social networking is everywhere, could it work and even thrive within a company? We think we can declare a definitive Yes. From the CEO’s message to his staff about his upcoming trip to the Carribean to a fancy dual stroller for sale, to new employee announcements, and even a message from a very proud first-time grandmother, we’ve seen an amazing amount of activity within just a month of launch. This is a great example of how vibrant online communities can be for a group of people with a common thread.

Technologies Used: Ning API, CSS, JavaScript, HTML