Google Reader WordPress Plugin

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  1. Rob Sama says:

    I was wondering if your Google Reader plug-in was able to handle comments in one’s Google reader feed, such as when you add a note to something you’re sharing.

  2. Jake Goldman says:

    We’re working on v1.1 and we’re aiming to add two new features… and that’s one of them!

    We’re going to make the widget more customizable, and we’re going to add support for notes / comments. I’m hoping it will be ready for release no later than Monday.

  3. Toastie says:

    It looks like a great plugin. I receive the following error when trying to install on WP 2.7 (and 2.7.1):

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in ……wp-content/plugins/recommended-reading-google-reader-shared/googlereader.php on line 67

    $urlPost = $entry->link->attributes()->href;

    Running PHP 5.2.6

  4. Jake Goldman says:

    Toastie – not certain offhand why you’re getting that error. This happens when you try to activate the plugin…? When you just try to install through the “add new plugin” UI? Try and be as specific as possible about when this error occurs.

    I’m about to call it a night where I am, but I’ll investigate a bit in the morning.

  5. kw says:


    This looks like a terrific plugin! I went ahead and installed it on my blog however the theme I use is not widget friendly. I don’t know a lot about coding but from what I gather I’m suppose to add the line google_reader_shared(true) to my sidebar.php page where I want it to show up. Apparently I am doing something wrong because the Google articles I’m sharing are not appearing in my blog’s sidebar.

    I also tried these three lines of code (one at a time) but none of them worked either:


    Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

  6. Jake Goldman says:

    KW – is there somewhere I can look at your blog?

    Remember, that’s PHP code, so it needs to be in php code wrappers. In between HTML, that would look like this:

    < ?php google_reader_shared(); ?>

    Is that what you have?

  7. kw says:


    I just tried that code you pasted and now that exact line is showing up on my blog. You can see it in the left column here:

    Thank you for such a quick response!

  8. Jake Goldman says:

    KW – it looks like you have a space between the “<” and the “?php”. Is that in your source code for the sidebar?

  9. kw says:

    Ok now I have it like this “” and now nothing is showing up.

  10. Jake Goldman says:

    KW – I’ll follow up via email.

  11. kw says:

    It’s working!

    Thank you!

  12. Paul Evans says:

    It looks like a great plugin!

    A couple of things. Firstly, I couldn’t get it to get my 20-digit code – it just said ‘there is a problem’ even though I’m sure I added the username and password correctly. I’ve looked all over my google reader account and can’t find a 20 digit code anywhere – a hint as to where to look for it would be a good backup perhaps

    Secondly, I’m working on a group blog – I’d like to get it so that we could load up items from google reader *as posts* – not just sidebar items.

    I view the shared items of my colleagues – I pick out the ones I really like and either add my own comments or use theirs – and when I click ’share’ the title, my comment and a link to the article concerned go onto my wordpress blog – as a new post.

    Would you consider this as an upgrade?

  13. Jake Goldman says:

    Paul –

    Thanks for the feedback.

    The most common cause of an error in the code look up is a shared host that is either blocking outgoing HTTP requests or timing them out very aggressively. The code look up is one of the most “intensive” parts of the plug-in, as it (essentially) manually pulls apart the relevant foreign page.

    To find your Google Reader ID, go the “Shared Items” option under the “Home”, “Your stuff” menu on the left. They’ll be a link that says “at this web page” on the right side of the screen. If you look at the URL for that page, you’ll see a long 20 digit ID at the end. That’s your ID.

    The ideal behavior you describe is considerably more difficult to implement, and not a simple extension of this plug-in. Generating new posts is tricky business. If you have a budget for this project, contact us using the “request a quote” form. This will not be added to the donation-powered plug-in any time in the foreseeable future.