Introducing the “Ning-tranet”

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  1. says:

    Hey! I was doing some research on this topic this weekend, because I’m thinking about setting up a Ning/intranet for my company. How’s it working for you guys so far?

  2. Christopher Murray says:

    Hi Ben – I think we can call this implementation a real success. But, a “Ning-tranet” is not for everyone. It won’t get you calendar sharing or document versioning or project management tools (traditional “intranet” functionality). What it will get you is a rich platform for letting employees interact socially: tools for management to keep people posted on internal news, an electronic version of the company bulletin board where people can post whatever they like, a running list of birthdays, etc.

    As with any technology implementation, you should start with a careful review of current company needs and future company goals. Once you have that down and the needs prioritized, selecting the software becomes the easy part.

  3. says:

    That’s fantastic. Thanks for the update. I’m basically looking for a way to keep employees updated and involved with company events, because more than 3/4 of the employees are off-site. I think allowing them to meet coworkers (that they would never otherwise interact with!) via the Ning platform would be an excellent way to foster a community.

    Thanks again. Keep up the great work!

  4. Christopher Murray says:

    It sounds like Ning could be a great choice. If you’d like some expert help with getting an intranet off the ground, we’d love to hear from you.

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