At C. Murray Consulting, we focus on four areas of web-based technologies, each of which can stand alone or work as a group to form a powerful platform for managing your business and engaging your audience.

Web Content Management
With a web content management system (CMS), it becomes easy for you to manage content on your website with only basic technical know-how. We set up a framework so you can focus on your content while your site structure, styles, and search engine awareness are all handled behind the scenes. Most CMS systems also support password protected sections and features to allow access control to your visitors.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management systems manage the lifeblood of your organization – your customers, donors, members, and other constituents. More than just an address book, CRM systems enable you to track your interactions with people, recording critical data such as phone calls, orders, donations, member renewals, event registration, and more. CRM systems can be combined with website login accounts to make managing your electronic interactions with people effortless.

Online Communities
Extending your website to form online communities is a great way to get your audience engaged in your organization. It all starts with a simple login. From a basic message board or forum to a full-fledged social network with video sharing, member profiles, and widgets, online communities provide an environment for your constituents to network, share and learn under your brand. If you are thinking about an online community, remember that you will play a key role in seeding content and marketing the community to your members – a “build it and they will come” mentality inevitably leads to a community that is rarely used and goes stale.

Blogs and Social Media
Blogs have become the defacto standard for creating a voice on the web for your company, your cause, or yourself. It gives your online visitors a snapshot of what’s going on at your company or organization and requires frequent updates. Commenting capabilities allow you to spur a discussion with your constituents. Blogs also play a key role in online marketing by giving you an opportunity to comment on others’ posts around the web on your own blog.