WordPress as a CMS: 5 8 Power Tips for Template Developers

WordPressEver since WordPress 2.5 was released, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of WordPress as a comprehensive CMS.

WordPress offers a wealth of plug-ins that extend the limitations of its reasonably light core; we’ve even contribued a couple of our own back to the community. But if you like to make slim, fast websites – like we do – you know that sometimes the plug-ins, and their overhead, are overkill.

Here are five power tips for template developers that address common CMS implementation challenges with solutions that are not well documented or not entirely intuitive. Please note that all of the code here was written for and tested with the latest version of WordPress (2.7.1). Some of the functions may not be compatible with older versions, or may require some initialization (i.e. global $post).

WordPress Power Tips has been expanded and published on Smashing Magazine. Check out the article over on their site, now!

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