Assorted client news: RFP Builder, Acelero, YAMI in NYT, and more

The Council of Public Relations Firms launched the first version of RFP Builder; a web application that guides prospective PR firm clients through the process of selecting the right firm. Our new case study has the details.

Acelero Learning released the new version of their public website. Built on CitySoft Community Enterprise, the site includes a new Head Start Resource Center with self registration, a custom news channel with improved formatting, and a custom jQuery-powered slideshow on the home page that offers all the elegance of Flash without the overhead or maintenance costs.

YAMI-U and the resulting campaign, No LOL in HIV, was featured in an article in the New York Times. We led the web component of this campaign, working closely with the youth advocates and the creative directors, The Watsons.

The McCaughtry & Associates public website is now powered by WordPress. The design was left untouched, but under the hood this 8 year old site is now fully standards compliant, features a few usability enhancements, and is powered by a modern content management system. WordPress is replacing manual HTML updates and out of date CGI scripts, allowing them to reduce ongoing maintenance costs and keep the website more up to date at the same time.

The Peacebuilding Initiative officially announced their new portal. Between the soft launch a few months ago and this week’s announcement, we integrated a few new features, including “starring” of key references in the eLibrary and enhanced printer views that include the ability to print an entire section. See our case study for more on this project.